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12" Violent Occultism LP #39994

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Release Date: December 21, 2015

Philly's CAPE OF BATS have always rejected the tame 'black metal punk' label since 2009, with an onslaught of self-released demos, splits and EPs, barring an appropriate 7" debut EP on Holy Terror Records. Violent Occultism is the zealous result of six years dabbling in black metal, hardcore punk and deathrock, culminating in our quixotic sound of 'vladcore d-bat'.

Violent Occultism features many guest appearances, to include cathedral lead guitar by Rikk Agnew (ex-Christian Death, ex-Social Distortion, ex-Adolescents) on "Ultimate Evil," back-up vox by Matt Slime (Coffin Dust, ex-Exhumed) on "Blue Hands," 3am one-take drunk solo by Rob Orr (Unreal City, ex-Integrity) on "Follow Me (to Death)," screams from Dylan, Tyler & Drew of Angelcrust on "Buckets of Blood," and maddened incantations by Robert Lee Russel & David Prae of Living Decay on "Damned to Sands."

Side A
1. Kali Yuga (the Lightning & the Moon)     5:40
2. Resurrektion     1:48
3. Lord of the Shadows     2:59
4. Death Kami     2:06
5. Weeping Daughters of Jerusalem     2:41
6. Ultimate Evil     3:01
7. Blue Hands     0:37

Side B
1. Night of the Buck Knives     1:37
2. Follow me (to Death)     2:12
3. Buckets of Blood     3:28
4. Damned to Sands     2:58
5. Grand Evocation of War (Vindex Jugend)     3:36
6. Hecatian Nights     3:27

Vinyl edition limited to 500 copies, all on black vinyl, with a full-sized insert, postcard insert, and digital download code.

Unholy Anarchy Records | Grim Winds (2015)

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