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Release Date: May 6, 2016

The debut album from Philadelphia's COFFIN DUST is finally available on cassette.

"Musically, we’re dealing with full-on death metal with a serious crossover thrash & grind fetish; some parts sound like Gorerotted, some sound like Death, some rep Exhumed, some channel old Slayer, and all of it fucking rules." - Kim Kelly (MetalSucks.net)

Guest Appearances:
Lord Long Cape / Francis O'Kane (CAPE OF BATS)
Robert Russell (LIVING DECAY)
Alex Citrone (RAZORMAZE)
Chuck McIntyre & Anton Escobar (TOMBSTALKER)
Chris Grigg (WOE)
Brandon "Stench" Hartwell (NIGHT NURSE)
"Maniac" Neil Smith (BLOOD FREAK)

Track List
A Side
1. The Obelisk
2. Ancient Rites of Buried Evil
3. Crack Open a Cold One
4. Coffin Dust
5. Homicidal Tendencies
6. Saw-Wolf
7. Bone Head

B Side
1. Sir Doohme, The Coffin Master
2. Mary Jane Rotten Crotch
3. Pig Roast
4. The Portal In the Crystal Casket
5. This Cemetery, My Kingdom

Pro-tape with two-panel foldout insert released by our friends at P-18 Records (Hungary), and is limited to 250 copies on blue shells with alternate color cover art.

P-18 Records (2016)

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