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Vinyl Ruined My Life Bundle See Larger Images and Variations

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Release Date: March 29, 2019

Bundle Includes:

-Upside of Sick LP 12"

-Desolate LP 12"

-Musket Hawk | Coffin Dust Split EP 7"

-Musket Hawk | Sunburster Split EP 7"


Upside of Sick LP

Side A
1. Roidhead Swinder
2. Hexagon
3. Dios Mio

Side B
1. Punk Rock Ruined My Life
2. Bad Times
3. Uncouth

Recorded and Mixed by Kevin Bernsten at Developing Nations, with additional recording sessions at Electrical Studio and Jam Room. Mastered Brad Boatright at Audiosiege.

Vinyl edition is limited to 350 copies, with 100 on Electric Blue w/ Red Splatter and 250 on Black. Includes hard stock printed inner sleeve and download code.


Desolate LP

Side A
1. Pollute Your Throat     3:08
2. Reluctant Punk     2:24
3. Jeweler     4:04
4. The Grove     4:33
5. ConnoisSewer     3:16

Side B
1. Space-Ray Houska     3:38
2. Tweed After Dark     3:44
3. Candidate For the Knife     6:48

Vinyl edition is limited to 350 copies, with 100 on white w/ red splatter, 100 on yellow with orange splatter, and 150 on black.  Includes hard stock printed inner sleeve and download code.


Musket Hawk | Coffin Dust Split EP

A pairing of two Unholy Anarchy Records veterans, MUSKET HAWK and COFFIN DUST.  

In preparation for both bands tour activities in the February and March 2019, this split features one track from each band, both incredible slabs of extreme greatness.

MUSKET HAWK offers up "The Violent Unknown", which was recorded during the Upside of Sick sessions and further delves into the progression of MUSKET HAWK's sound.  COFFIN DUST unearths previously unreleased "Night of the Slasher", a track recording during the Everything Is Dead sessions, and an absolute banger of track that has become a foundation of the band's live set.

Total pressing of 350, with 100 on Silver w/ Red Splatter and 250 on Black.  Includes digital download card.  


Musket Hawk | Sunburster Split EP

Baltimore's MUSKET HAWK are a mainstay in the local underground scene.  Their apocalyptic sludge heaviness matched with bursts of grind is crushing.  The band features former members of A WARM GUN.  The band will release their sophomore full-length LP, Desolate, via Unholy Anarchy & Goodtimes Records, on May 6th, 2016.

Philly's SUNBURSTER are equally intoxicating, with a heavy as hell sludge feel with bits and pieces of hardcore thrown in for good measure.  SUNBURSTER features current and former members of OCCULT 45, KRIEG, and DEATHBEDS.

Side A (Musket Hawk)
1. Devil's Cadillac     5:06

Side B (Sunburster)
Prize Pig     3:16

Vinyl edition is limited to 500 copies, with 300 on Black, 100 on Orange, and 100 on Turquoise.  Artwork by Gary Fry.  Includes digital download code.

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