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7" Filthpact | Chulo Split EP #39953

Filthpact | Chulo Split EP See Larger Images and Variations
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Release Date: October 4, 2013

D-beat hardcore/grind meets grinding powerviolence on this killer split between UK's FILTHPACT and Colombia's CHULO.  This is the final new material from FILTHPACT.

Side A (Filthpact)
1. King of Shit
2. Purge
3. Dirty Words
4. Tissue of Lies

Side B (Chulo)
1. Nido de Cuparachas
2. HP.PV
3. El Desparche es Una Jaula
4. Negatividad Absoluta (Ultimo Manifesto Nada)

500 total pressed worldwide.  Housed in a 7" heavy stock sleeve.

Unholy Anarchy Records (2014)

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