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Release Date: March 8, 2014

BONESAW formed in early 2000 with the sole intention of creating Death Metal the old way, drawing influence from the likes of AUTOPSY, ABSCESS, ENTOMBED, BOLT THROWER, REPULSION, etc.  Plagued with devoted member issues from the offset, it took till 2008 before the lineup finally settled.  2013 brings the band's second full-length effort, entitled The Illicit Revue.

Track List
1. The Forging of Year Zero     3:35
2. Riot in the House of Worship     2:24
3. Grave Insult     4:10
4. Instant Classic     1:50
5. Crafted Deformity     5:47
6. Granite Hell II     4:09
7. The Stench of Dead Dirty Ass     2:22
8. The Illicit Grotesque Revue     5:40
9. Satori (Part One)     5:55

Presented as a digipak CD with mini-poster lyric insert.  Cover art provided by Dennis Dread.

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