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12" Romantic Love LP #43854

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Random Color Splatter
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Release Date: May 5, 2015

File Under: Blackened Grind Noise
Label: Grimoire Records
Catalog #: GR0028
Release Year: 2015
Format: 12" LP on Random Splatter Vinyl

Track List
A1. Murmuration End
A2. Blooming Amygdala
A3. Horizontal Key Vertical
A4. Giallo
B1. E-Waste (Brought To Your Knees By Children's Frozen Meals)
B2. Ceremony of Dust
B3. Pestiferous Disease

"If you pride yourself for your love of truly fucked-up metal records, the kind that reflect the depravity of both human nature and the world at large, you’re going to want to get your hands on Romantic Love. This album is nothing short of remarkable, for beyond its boundless chaos and hatred lie so many memorable moments that stick with you and will keep you coming back for more replays. Just buy this thing already." - No Clean Singing

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