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Release Date: June 1, 2007

Release Year: 2007

90's Death Grind from Spain meets 90's NYC Crust Grind on this killer split release.

Spain's VOICE OF HATE formed in 1992, and features current and former members of STORMWRATH, EXTREME NOISE TERROR and PROFUNDIS TENEBRARUM, as well as many others.  

NYC's TASTE OF FEAR formed in 1991, with current and former members of FUNEBRARUM, DISMA, ASSUCK and ALL OUT WAR.  

Track List
Taste of Fear
1. Endgame
2. Prisoner of Dreams
3. Fortress
4. Repeat
5. Nothing to Hide
6. Worm Rift
7. Midnight Sun
8. The Arrival of Inter-Dimensional Flesh

Voice of Hate
9. Hearts of Darkness
10. Icon of Martyrium
11. Fortress
12. Master of Demise
13. Earthscum
14. Terror Tactics
15. Hollow Point
16. Handling of Flesh

Trauma Records (2007)

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