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Release Date: August 31, 2014

Release Date: August 31, 2014

Raw Black Metal Thrash Punk delivered live by BARBATOS, a one-man project of Yasuyuki Suzuki, a current/former member of ABIGAIL, TIGER JUNKIES and SABBAT.

Track List
1. Red Leather Bitch
2. Satanic Beer
3. Rocking Metal Motherfucker
4. Drink Till Death
5. Blond Hair and Bitch
6. Grave Violator
7. Satanic Butcher Apocalyptic War
8. Baby I'm Your Man
9. My Girlfriend with Another Guy
10. Victory Blazing War
11. Smash the Fucking Discos
12. Midway
13. Dick is Fucking Big
14. Apocalyptic Nuclear Hell
15. Prophecy of the Evening Star
16. War Metal War
17. Sodomy at the Graves
18. Hot Sex

Hells Vomit Productions (2014)

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