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Audio Cassettes Rumble Stilts Skin #52189

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Release Date: December 15, 2013

Superbly fun Oi! Punk from Kent, Ohio.  

Track List
A Side
A1. Intro / Oi! with the Toughskins    3:32
A2. Rumble Stilts Skin    2:36
A3. Oi! Farm    2:16
A4. Date with Oi!     2:49
A5. Oi! Sweatshirt    2:16
A6. Make It Oi!     3:18

B Side
B1. Hippies vs. Skins / Ghosts of Oi!     3:22
B2. Oingo Boingo Ain't Oi!     2:24
B3. Oi! Yodelling Lessons    2:30
B4. Lifeless Billy    1:45
B5. Killing Yourself To Oi!     4:57

Shrinkwrapped pro-tape.  

Rescued From Life Records (2013)

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