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7" Human Error | Black Hole of Calcutta Split EP #40003

Human Error | Black Hole of Calcutta Split EP See Larger Images and Variations
Random Color
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Release Date: January 27, 2010

Split EP featuring Budapest's HUMAN ERROR and Portland, Oregon's BLACK HOLE OF CALCUTTA.  Blackened, grinding hardcore - highly recommended.

Side A (Black Hole of Calcutta)
1. Flag Of Imprisonment
2. The Very Good Fight
3. You're A Mistake
4. Burn!

Side B (Human Error)
1. Bomb Attack
2. The Guard    
3. Who's To Blame?
4. Evil Prophecies
5. Deceived Masses  

Limited to 500 copies on random color vinyl.

Dysphoria Records ‎| Injustice of Humanity ‎| Midnight Sea Records (2010)

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